Chicks dying off, any ideas?


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6 Years
Dec 29, 2013
I have some barred rock and Cornish cross chicks, and I am loosing 2-3 a week. They are on starter/grower, with plenty of feed, water, and room. The onset is quick, fine one day, standing alone with their necks very weak the next, and dead on the 3rd. They are about 6 weeks old. Any idea what is killing them or how to fix it?
sounds like coccidiosis, a parasite. you can give them corid, which is a thiamine blocker. that starves the cocci. you mix it in the water and give it to all the chicks for 5-7 days. change out the water each day with a fresh batch.

I get corid at our farm store, and you can buy it online at Amazon also.

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