chicks eatting shavings?

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10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
I just bought some pine shavings from the feed store and put it in my 2 week old chick's home... I do think they are eatting it, is that going to be a problem for me, should I cover it or get rid of it or something. I have up until now been using bed sheets, thought the shavings would be better. Any info greatly appreciated.

I doubt that they are really eating it they are probably just looking for some feed under it all or something. My chicks do the same thing but I'm pretty sure that they arent eating it.

I raised my hens in the woodchips and they are still fine
Are woodchips like the shavings? This is really shavings (like grated cheese) very fine.

Thanks for the quick response.
The brand is Rosebud and it says 98% dust free for large and small animal bedding. It sounds like it will be fine but I just wanted to make sure. Thank you everybody I do appreciate all the help and info. So much easier then having to go to the library.
If you're really concerned about it, since maybe they aren't used to the pine yet, you could put some paper towels on top for a couple days, this would give them a little time to get used to the shavings, and makes it easier to see if they really are eating it, or just 'playing'. Probably just playing, that's what mine are doing. I heard that the towels also give them a little better traction until they get their land legs more established. Mine were a couple days old when I did this.


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