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Sep 16, 2008
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Fall is starting to make it's presence known so these girls will be growing up in the winter. I'm trying to acclimatize them early so it is not as shocking when they go out to the coop.

It turned out to be a beautiful fall day today. So I took them out while I had the opportunity. Got them from the feed store on last Thursday. I'd say based on feathering the oldest is 2 weeks and the youngest is 1 week.

It's 60 degrees, sunny with intermittent clouds. They are in a sun speckled pen with a heat lamp on one side just in case. Little bowls of wet mash (so they don't spill it all) at intervals away from the lamp.

They seem to be enjoying themselves and are testing out things to nibble on. It's very cute to watch them chase after each other for a morsel. That reminds me I should put out some grit too. It's incredible how they just know how to be chickens and behave just like the big girls. I was just going to have them outside while I had lunch but they seem to be doing well so I may have them out for a while longer. It's been about an hour and they still run around the pen and eat. If they start huddling under the lamp I will put them in.

My lunch is getting cold as I keep finding good photo ops and run over with my cell phone. Of course they then disperse. Here are some photos I did manage to get:

The setup: Pretty simple 2 foot high wire. The bar across is a closet rack- helps spread out the wire and gives me an area that's easily accessible. Heat lamp is on extension cord. Heck I figured it would be on if they were in the brooder anyway.


A visitor: That's my pom Simon, the big girls come by to look at them once in a while too.


I think some of them are ready to bust out of this pen.


They make use of most of the space but tend to huddle when I come with camera. Yes I will hop on you if you have oatmeal no chance with a camera.

A close up:



Here's one of everybody:


If only I could stay out here all day.
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