chicks from Ideal

It depends on what you want. What breed and what quality you're expecting make a big difference. I am very happy with my Ideal chicks, but they are hatchery quality like all hatcheries.

If you want Ameracaunas (like your username) then you need to get them from a breeder. The Ameracaunas that Ideal and all hatcheries sell are actually Easter Eggers, because they don't fit the standards of true Ameracaunas.

I've read that Ideal has sold out of a lot of breeds until possibly'll have to contact them to find out what's available now. I ordered mine in the beginning of chicks were shipped on January 21 and I received them the next morning.
How long you wait depends on the breeds you choose. When you order online, they'll show you what's available soonest. Mine got to me in one day and all alive.
There's been an insanely massive run on chickens. Go to website and look - they are sold out of nearly everything until summer at many hatcheries, and some breeds sold out til next year. If you still want hatchery birds this year, order right now. Like today.

Or order from your friends on BYC!

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