Chicks hatching - what to do?!?!

cluck love

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Aug 21, 2010
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Our chicks are starting to hatch! One is out and the others are still working on it, mom has been with these eggs for the past three weeks only to leave them for only a few minutes a day. We are new to this and need to know what happens after they hatch. Does mom feed/water them or do we? Mom is an excellent mother thus far - so devoted! We are so excited!!!
The mother hen should do everything herself. She will stay on the nest with them until all the eggs hatch....or she decides the viable ones have hatched. This can take a couple days if there are a lot of eggs. Then she will show them what to eat and drink, and she will keep them warm and safe. As long as she seems attentive to them and they are growing well just trust her. And enjoy the show!

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