chicks in an earthquake!


9 Years
May 20, 2010
San Diego
well today I moved my three 5 week old BR chicks out to the big coop, finally finished it! When it started to get dark they were making quite a fuss, I closed them in the coop with a solar light and they calmed down. Checked on them at 8:30pm, all sleeping in a pile in one corner. then at 9:40 there was a 5.7 earthquake just east of where I live! everything was shaking for 15-20 seconds. My poor little girls, their first night in a strange coop and the whole world starts rocking. They seemed okay when I went out and checked on them- but certainly not asleep any more! I think they will be fine, but we are all a little "shaken"
Just glad to hear that you're all ok! My grandfather used to tell me that the animals knew when a quake or any bad weather was on its way. Maybe they knew before you did.
I remember the Loma Prieta Quake...Maybe they surfed it and those were peeps of excitement! Wahooooooooooooo that was fun! Actually the Loma Prieta Earth Quake was name that because the epicenter was at my College Room Mates parents mail box on Loma Prieta Road!

Nothing but a gentle rocking of the tetonic plates right?

Thanks everyone for your kind words, I let the girls out this morning and they are as chipper as ever. I guess us CA chicks just have to get used to a little earth shaking every now and then
I gave them some breakfast spinach- its one of their favorites, they eat healthier than anyone else in my house! Everyone is safe and happy, not too much more you can ask for.

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