chicks in coop during the day--not drinking water while outside?


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May 2, 2010
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My chicks are 3 weeks old, and during the day I put them in the newly built coop. It is just as warm in the coop as in the brooder (around 80 F). The waterer in the coop is larger (3 gal.) than what they are used to, obviously, but I have seen at least 2 of the chicks drink from it. I assumed that the others would follow suit. Because I was not sure if they were drinking from the large waterer, I also put in their small waterer. They also have a large galvanized steel feeder in the coop, as opposed to their small red plastic feeder in the brooder. I have not actually seen any of the chicks eat from it yet, but I'm not out there checking all the time.

At night when I bring the chicks in, they go gangbusters over the waterer, like they haven't been drinking throughout the day. Any suggestions or advice?

thanks, amanda


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Feb 5, 2009
I had this same problem at one point, too! It's hard to tell if they've been eating or drinking as much as they should.

The best advice I can give on the waterer is to make sure it is very easily accessible and, perhaps you could fill it with warmer water? Considering it is a three gallon waterer, maybe it gets colder than they like it. You could try placing the water closer to the heat lamp, too.

As for food, I don't know what to tell you. Usually chicks are very good about recognizing where food is. You've probably tried this all ready, but have you sort of "shown" them the new feeder? My chicks learned how to eat out of their new feeder by watching my older hens. Chicken see, chicken do, I guess.

Keep an eye on them, but they might just need more time to get used to their new accommodations. Best of luck with them!


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Feb 7, 2010
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I had the same Problem they are used to seeing the lil red one and at 3 weeks the big one may be scary why don't you leave them in the big coop with the lil feeder and waterer along with the big one if they see it in their day to day they will get used to it and start to drink and eat out of it. If you keep putting them back in the brooder then they will attack it because they are used to it being their. Think of it this way I pick you up bring you to my house and drop you off and walk away you don't know where anything is and nothing is familer to to you so you are going to be uneasy and lost until I put you back in your house where you know where everything is at.

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