Chicks in late Fall???

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Brian, Nov 11, 2010.

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    My 6 month old 1-lb serama hen just started laying eggs. She has made a nest inside the hutch, and her pure white plumage shows signs that the rooster has been on her back. I am assuming that the eggs are fertile, though I'm not sure if a hen can just suddenly become a "woman" with her first eggs being fertile. Furthermore, since we are just now getting into nighttime temps close to freezing, and it will only get colder, it begs the question...if these are fertile eggs, should I let her proceed? There is just she and the rooster in the enclosure (coop and run).

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    I don’t know much about the Serama. However, normally a hen will not want to sit until she has been laying for some time. This could range from a few weeks, or even years. Being a physical adults doesn’t make her one mentally.
    Considering the time of year, I wouldn’t let her brood. I did that once and had dead chicks as a result. (I Free-Range) If you really want to do it, make sure to keep them heated, and dry.
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    One of my girls (TSC pullets) went broody 3 weeks ago or so. The girls are layers and don't have any roo companionship so I intended on breaking her of being broody although it is cute how she makes the little puk puk sounds all the time. Anywho. My other chickens that do free range with some roos decided to start a clutch of eggs near our front porch. When we found them there were 12 eggs. (8 from my Silver Sebrights and 4 from our white leghorns). Well a broody hen and a clutch of fertilized eggs seemed to make total sense so I've had her on them for 19 days or so now. I'll just have to see what next weekend brings us. I'll probably cordon off a section of the coop for her and any chicks that may hatch. If they do then great. If not then I'm not out anything.
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    Well...if you wind up with dead chicks due to the cold, you may not be "out anything," however you may feel lousy about it.
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    Just make sure to leave a heatlamp on for the chicks.....but I think mamma hen will do a great job of mothering them and keep them warm.

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