Chicks intestine showing (pic. Included) VERY GRAPHIC

I have never seen that before, so sad... I agree with mnferalkitty, it's probably just best to cull it
that looks like Gastroschisis.

My late son was diagnosed with that and only remedy in humans is surgery

so again i agree culling is a more nicer thing to do for this chick
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The chick is energetic its running around with the others. The intestines are flopping around..i'll follow the advice and cull but I'll give it some time. Thanks
If you an stomach it you could gently and carefully try to tuck the intestines in and use liquid stitches. If it it otherwise eating and drinking it could make it. But I am an optimist.
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If that is loops of bowel they need to be pushed back into the abdomen and either a stitch or a sticky band aid/steri-strip used to keep the skin edges together. Otherwise the bowel will dry out/get dirty and become gangrenous. This should not be hard if done ASAP.
If it is yolk sac (I don't think it is) the chick may be OK as it will dry up and seal itself off.
Hope that helps.
I had a less severe case of this with a duck, we very very carefully tucked them back in and applied a band aid bird healed up fine and lived a long life.

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