Chicks keep scaring me!


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Tulsa, Ok
These chicks keep scaring me. We had one out on a towel. It was rolling around on the town and would not walk on its feet. I thought, oh no, something is wrong. I pick it up and it perches fine on me and then walks on the side of the chair. I put it back on the towel and it starts doing it again, then I realize it was "dust bathing" on the towel lol!

They are so funny! I am used to the dead chick look in the brooder when they are sleeping. Now they have to fake spraddle leg on me!
I'm brand new to chicks and I totally can relate to the scare they send when flopping down to rest, they look dead. I keep checking on them to see if they are breathing.
I'm right there with you; I came home from lunch the other day and one of my grown hens was on her side in the yard with her legs stretched out in 'rubber chicken' form. I thought riggamortis had already set in... but no, she was just streched out in the sun...little stinker...
my chicks all do the rubber chicken in my freaked me out the first few times now its normal and i get to laugh at everyone else who freaks out when my fuzzy butts do it.
Mine do the "Rubber Chicken" thing too and they scared me half to death the first time I saw it. At almost 3 weeks now the newest thing they do is trying to fall asleep on the perches like 'Big Girls'. Theyre heads droop....down, down, wobble a bit........down an half an inch further, down...........Cripes! I fell off! This is cheaper than an aquarium!

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