chicks not fluffy up


7 Years
Mar 26, 2012
Small town KY
My eggs are hatching today and the chicks feathers are stuck to them and they are not fluffy up. I did the dry method with no water in bator first 18 days and then went up to 75 --80% humidity could this be the problem? My last hatch had a few like this on the end of hatching, but so far all 6 eggs have been this way this time. Do you think humidity too high or too low? I'm not sure if meter is spot on but it's close. Please help me with this my babies look miserable. Thanks Karen
If they've had plenty of time to dry, and they're kind of crispy instead of fluffy, I will give them a good rinse in the sink with warm water. It helps get the goo off.
Thanks thats what they are crispy. Wasn't sure if I could rinse them off or not? Been out of egg since 11 oclock this morning and still crisp.
Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

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