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    I have a question for those of you who are experienced with chicks. I have some bantam chicks that I bought "straight run", eg unsexed, so it is not known if they are male or female: two silkies, and 5 mille fleur d'uccles. In these two groups, I have noticed that one of the silkie chicks is significantly larger than the other, although they are the exact same age (12 days), and the same breed. Of the mille fleurs, two of the five are significantly larger than another two, and one is in the middle. Again, same exact age (14 days) and breed. Do you think that the larger ones are males, or are there size ranges within the sexes as well?
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    I think it's too soon to tell; however, I will tell you that I thought one of my pullets was a little roo for the longest time. She was the largest, bossiest, loudest, and most affectionate. Nearly five months later, and I am finally confident she is a Not only that, but the quickest to mature. She filled out faster than the others, her comb recently turning a bright red and nearly doubling in size. She also recently started squatting. The others are still smaller with pale faces.

    I'm waiting for my first egg from her any day now. [​IMG]
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