Chicks out in rain?

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Dec 30, 2014
Chicks are 8 weeks old and as far as I can tell, fully feathered. They spent they're first might in the coop Lastnight. Temps were low 40s and i couldn't put a heat lamp out for them. (Not that I even thought they needed it) Sand floor in the coop. This morning they looked completely fine,walking around, none shivering.
It's supposed to rain alot today. Should they just stay "cooped" up? If they are okay to be out in the rain will they know enough to get back in the coop?
I had the same problem the other week, with my new flock, due to heavy rain fall, they got very wet and the temp dropped at night, they are a little bit older then yours! my girls knew how to dry off pretty quick with a some dirty mud, but

most chickens hate the rain and take cover, I would say to let them out for a little while and then dry them up with towel or a light until dry
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Low 40s with wet feathers with no heat source to help dry off is a bit too cool for my liking. If they were dry maybe but not wet. I would bring them in, and get them dry and then pop them in the closed off coop in the evening if it was me.
So glad to find this post. I was just going to ask. My girls are 6 weeks and 2 days. They have been living out in their coop, no heat, for almost a week. When it started to drizzle I went out put two in the coop and the others followed, but didn't stay in for long. When the rain got harder they all huddled under the nesting boxes that come out from the side of the coop. They are out in the light rain now, doesn't seem like they mind at all. Thanks for the advice about toweling them off for the night, I will be sure to do that, although I'm sure they will hate it !
Our run is fully covered (and I use clear shower curtains to line the outside "walls"). We have had some much needed rain and the 9 week old chicks and my other two hens seem to go to cover if it's more than a light mist. They have access to free range or go into the run.
If mine had to wait for dry weather, they would never get outside. I'm in southern Washington, right on the coast. It's misty, foggy, or raining almost every day most of the year.

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