Chicks outside?


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Apr 12, 2015
What is a good age for chicks to be outside when the overnight low is about 48f (9-10c). I'm assuming fully feathered but I wasn't sure if there was a good age. Thanks!
Mine have been outside for a week now! They started at 6.5 weeks old, fully feathered. Our overnight lows have been in the low to mid 40's last week and a little warmer this week. They have been fine. After three nights they finally went up into the coop all by themselves, I was so proud
They all go into one nest and snuggle together (3 EEer's). This is an interim coop so the roost in it is not that high. Soon they will be big enough to go the "big girls" coop with my two full grown hens.
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Thats great to hear. They are 5 weeks old now... Im nervous about them being outside. The big girls have a coop in a 10x10 run, and they free range the yard during the day. The chicks would be able to get our of the run no problem through, and Im worried about predators.

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