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  1. After reading I have decided to buy chicks instead of hatch them. I have hens that brood so will let them raise those chicks but I want some different birds. Since I am a newbie this seems wiser. My questions long should they be kept in their own pen before they can be with the flock? My flock free ranges but are locked in at night. Will my hens hurt them since they don''t belong to them? How long should they be on chick starter before they can eat regular feed? Will they need additional heat, if so how long? That's alot of questions I know, but I don't want to loose chicks and there seem to be difficulties that I would avoid if possible. Thanks for helping. Magpie

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    Fred is right, of course, sometimes a broody won't accept them. Putting the chicks under the broody just after dark and give neer ovenight to get used to them has worked for me all but one time. I don't separate the mama and chicks from the rest of the flock at all. Chicks should not eat layer til they are laying age, but you can feed the whole flock starter then a grower or flock raiser, indefinitely if you wish. Just put out some oyster shell separately. A mama hen does not need additional heat, nor do her chicks.

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  4. I'm headed there now...thanks.

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