chicks, pullets and poults for sale in texas


12 Years
Sep 16, 2007
crockett, texas
i have chickens, poults and chicks for sale in east texas. pick up only because they are too old to ship and not worth the hassle of shipping. all sorts of breeds available. there are production reds, jersey blacks,sicilian buttercups and mix breeds of course but they are very pretty birds. lots of rhode island red/buff orpington crosses and i also have mixed and pure turkey poults for sale. theres a few bourbon reds and a lot of bourbon red/naragansette mix. the chicks are 1 week old and up to 3 months. the turkeys are 1-3 weeks old. im asking 1.25 and up on the chicks but ill make you a good deal on the chicks. the turkeys are 7 each but ill make a deal if they are all bought. you can reach me at [email protected] or on here just be sure to put chicks in the heading
i do have australorps but they are all chicks no layers. not really selling any. i might have a few extras but not many. ill go get a count later

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