Chicks rearing alone question.


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May 18, 2009
England, United Kingdom
I have one chick on the way in an incubator, the other eggs look to be infertile. I also have 6 eggs under a broody hen. If 3 or more of the eggs are fertile I will remove one of the chicks (I don't know if I should do that) or the egg if I can't, so the chick in the incubator will have a buddy and the broody hen can have a few chicks to rear, meaing her mother will be a grandmother (but may not be the biological grandparent!). Does this sound like a good plan?
It probably is best if the chick has a buddy. Are the eggs under the broody and the egg in the bator due to hatch at the same time? I would try taking one of the chicks from the mama hen and put it with the chick that comes out of the bator.

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