Chicks tomorrow


5 Years
May 21, 2016
Hi all! I don't even have my chickens yet! I DO have 6 moscovy ducks, 3 rabbits, 3 goats, an adorable mini Juliana pig, and I'll be picking up my week old chicks tomorrow. My intent at our little barnyard is to have animals that entertain and/or make people laugh. People who aren't familiar with barnyard animals. I live in NH with my husband of 32 years and he's very handy and willing to help build anything I need him to. I'd love to hear about any things you might have made to keep your chickens and ducks happy and entertained.
Welcome to BYC Broody with chicks.jpeg

Welcome to backyard chickens!

Enjoy the chicken TV

I don't know how entertained the chickens are with what I do, but it does take them longer to eat their treats (sliced apples, greens, etc.) when I put it in a suet cake feeder that's hung up in their run.

Congrats on your upcoming chicks! It sounds like you're building quite a farm there in NH:thumbsup

If you would like to chat with other NH members, you can find your state thread here:
New Hamshire

Enjoy those new chicks and thanks for joining us!

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