Chicks unable to stand or walk!!


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Jun 23, 2016
We hatched 28 quail chicks and 7 turned out to be disabled. They are lively but cannot walk on there legs but can kick them. They can stand on them for a couple of seconds but end up falling on there backs. They have to be hand fed and we also tried the leg brace which also doesn't seem to be working. They just keep falling over and lie down. This is a big issue due to me going away for 1 day overnight and unable to hand feed these chicks. Will they die while I'm gone or is there a solution??


Apr 1, 2016
I haven't had much experience with quail but I have seen similar symptoms in chickens (from birth). They could be lopsided - if the eggs weren't turned enough or the humidity/temperature was dropping and rising dramatically or was incorrect throughout the whole incubation period this is most likely the case. Some birds get over it, some don't. You can give them electrolytes and crushed garlic in their water. I usually put any lopsided chicks in a small bowl or dish so they can lean against the side. Birds that do get better usually get better with a day or two. The ones that don't have to be culled.

If they aren't lopsided it could be due to inbreeding or a condition transmitted from the parents.

Good luck with your quail.

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