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Apr 5, 2014
Hello there,

We have our chicks in a brooder and pretty secure against our Giant Loaf of a Lab. We've sat by the brooder and handled the chicks or just watched the chicks..and at times he will come over and sniff them, but then just get bored.

Is there any advantage of having him exposed to the chicks? We will never let them together while we were not there, but is it possible that if he grows up with the girls, he would just think th ey are part of the pack..and not food?


Jun 8, 2020
I've seen this go 3 different ways with our dogs. Raven (2 yr old pittie) has gotten out free when the chickens are all out and she just wants to know what we are doing so she could care less about them. Berkley (12 yr Lhasa aspo) on the other hand is real chill and relaxed and acts like he could care less being around them when we are out but he turns into John Wick the moment no ones looking. Lucy and Alistair (6mth dachshunds) have grown up with the chickens we have so far and I'm pretty sure they would kill the chickens if they had the chance. By chance means if they were outside loose while the chickens are free ranging. I think it depends on the dog. Id suggest being outside with them to keep an eye on things but I'm a total helicopter chicken mom. It's my first time.

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Sep 13, 2011
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Most dogs will think that free ranging birds are fun toys and/or tasty treats, unless trained to think other thoughts. Chicks in your hands in the brooder are no promise that chicks running around will be safe!
It's about supervision, on leash, longer leash, maybe training collar, and time. Then, maybe safe chickens, but don't assume anything until time and training have made that difference.
I found that puppies were easier to train than my rescue adults, and terriers (and sled dog types) are the most difficult, usually.

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