Chicks with pasty butt ?

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    I hatched some chicks a few months ago, they were doing really well, then suddenly they looked like they were falling asleep standing up.

    I noticed that they had their little bottoms "caked up" so I gently cleaned them under warm water using a cotton bud.

    All 3 chicks then started to struggle for breath and as soon as their bottoms were clean, they pooped and fell dead in my hand it was almost instantaneous.

    I really do not know what or why this has happened.

    They were kept in a well vented brooder with an electric hen to sit under, plenty of fresh water daily the other 5 chicks are running around quite happily

    Any answers, suggestions or advice would be most gratefully accepted, as I feel very sad at this happening and want to avoid it happening again if I can

    Thank you in advance for your help
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    I am so sorry!

    pasty butt is usually caused by stress, like a hard time hatching, too hot or too cold in the brooder and of course shipping but yours were not shipped.

    They could have died because of having their vents plugged too long. Another cause of chicks dying at that age is bacterial infection. Some breeds are known for having problems with bacteria--isbars is one of them.

    In California we have a free necropsy service for up to two chickens a day if the flock has less than 1000 chickens. It is a great resource for us and helps to identify the cause of death.

    Things to look at:

    Day of incubation for the hatch
    Humidity and air cell development
    Condition of chicks at hatch
    Disinfect incubator
    Eggs may need to be sterilized prior to setting them

    I hope this helps!

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