chicks with very large crops


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Mar 8, 2010
hi i have two batches of chicks one from the feed store and the other from a hatchery one group is in the garage the other in my bathroom and a few in each group have very large crops is this normal i havve never seen this before in any chicks what can i do to cure them thanks
one group is about 6 weeks the other is about two the 6 week old one have had the others havent is that all they need is some grit
Chickens don't have teeth. Either get grit from a feedstore or walmart sells gravel n grit for parakeets if you can't find grit at a feedstore. It's smal stones and such that help them grind their food.
I believe, and I could be wrong, that a large crop is not uncommon. The crop is a temporary storage place for the food after it is eaten and before it moves to the gizzard. My hens quite often have large crops after gorging. I also believe that grit is used in the gizzard, not in the crop. So, grit won't help with a large crop. I don't think grit is needed when they are eating chick starter although it can't hurt. Is there a TSC near you? I think TSC sells chick grit.

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