chicks wont go in the coop at night


8 Years
May 4, 2011
ok, so my first chicks are now almost 6 weeks old. Nice weather now on west coast. They play in the run all day, but wont go up into the coop at night. They walk up the ramp, but wont stay inside. I figure if the weather is nice and they are safe from predators its ok that they sleep under the coop at night? Will they figure it out or do i have to put them there everynight myself til they get it? thanks to anyone who knows.
You can try locking them inside the coop for a week so they'll "know" that's where the food and shelter is.

Also, if you've got a large human door they can go through, I'd keep that one open to see if they prefer it since they are so young.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and patience.

From my experience, since I have had the same situation some years ago:
What you need to do is wait for the night (must be dark).
At dark, chickens are vulnerable; they won't move or trying to escape. They are somewhat numbed.
Then take one by one and carry them to the coop.

Next day do the same think. And the same on a 3-rd day.
Usually after 3-5 days they will get it. My chickens did after 5 days.

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