Chinese Geese Ratio


Dec 28, 2020
What's an appropriate male to female ratio for Chinese Geese? I have 3 young geese and 1 gander, all about 2 months old. Would it be okay to keep just a pair or should I keep more than one female? I see lots of different answers online about ratios and am looking for someone with experience with this breed! Thanks so much.


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If you want ratio then I'd say you have it. I wouldn't change it unless you're really needing to reduce numbers then I would either keep a male/female pair, or 2 females.

If there is no urgency to rehome you might let them pair up naturally and then if you still need to rehome keep the pair that mated, though the gander might like his options.
I absolute agree it depends on the birds. Id keep them all!! I really dont believe in pairs. Nor do my geese. They all have there little clicks. But they all live together. When I started with geese I started with production africans from metzers, I read everything I could got 6 girls and one boy. to what i read. 1 boy could service up to 6 girls. But my boy chose 4 girls he liked and semi banished 2. yep serviced all 4 lots of fertile eggs. The 2 girls he ignored got a great home and then I had 5 geese. I would keep them all enjoy them then they will let you know what they decided to do. Geese are incredible. 2 boys can get in a battle that to us looks like OMG. But no there just establishing rules in the flock. Every night I put the kidos to bed in the same barn. Everyday they live together in the same pasture. Only one of my original geese live here now her name is MaMa she raises all of the hatch lings,
Ganders can bond with other ganders, with or without females present. They will squabble in breeding season because their horomones make them a little crazy, but the rest of the year they’re good with each other.
Females are less likely to battle during breeding season so getting a few girls with one gander is the easiest mix.

Geese are all individuals so ultimately you could end up with anything, war like females aren’t uncommon, some girls are just spicier than others.

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