CHOCOLATE Silkie hatching eggs!

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    *******Please read the entire description!*******

    6+ fertile hatching eggs from my ALL CHOCOLATE Silkie project pen! You will hatch 100% all Chocolate chicks from these eggs! Some will be frizzle, some mottled! Pictures are of some of the parents and some chicks that I am hatching! 6+ eggs will be $85 shipped in the USA. Located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA. Pick up is welcome and I'll take off $10 if you pick up!
    ***The first 4 pics are some of the parents in this pen. The next 4 pics are some chicks that I am hatching from this pen!***

    I started with a Chocolate split frizzle Serama rooster from Pixie Chick and Black Silkie hens from Aimee Crego, so I am working with the CHOC gene...NOT the DUN gene! It took me quite awhile to get where I am today. If you use a Chocolate rooster over Black Silkie hens, all of the chocolates will be females and all of the Blacks will be males (chocolate split).

    I am having about 85%-90% fertility here but can not guarantee hatch rates due to shipping or incubation errors!

    Payment MUST be made immediately! I will NOT under any circumstances hold eggs! FIRST TO POST SOLD AND MAKE PAYMENT WILL GET THE EGGS! I only ship fresh eggs!
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    Are you still selling hatching eggs?

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