Choking? Impacted or sour crop? Please help!

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    Jun 19, 2012
    Hey so today I went out to feed the girls and they all launched themselves at the food of cource but I noticed that my BR hen was starting to act funny. She stretches out her neck and theres this big bulge I cant tell if its from her feathers or what but its int eh middle of her neck!? She's also weasing quite a bit and I just don't know what to do. I tried to give her some fresh water but she just wasn't really interested. She just keeps eating. So, I got a bowl of scratch and added a bunch of water and they all went for that. She ate it for a little while but then went up into the laying nests so I'm not sure what's wrong. I messaged her crop a little and her neck but I don;t really know what it should feel like... It just feels like there's food in it.... Not really hard? Up on her neck theres a hard spot but I think that's just here neck.. Should I use olive oil or anything? I haven;t checked on her in the alst 10 minutes any suggestions will be appreciated!
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    Try flushing her throat out with a half cup water and a tbsp of molasses. If she doesn't willingly drink it, use an eye dropper or baby medicine syringe, open her beak and squeeze it down her throat. Continue to massage it. Do this at least three times or until whatever she is choking on dislodges.
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    Don't squeeze or squirt anything directly into a bird's throat! It could get into her lungs and kill her.

    If you need to hand water a bird, hold her head at a natural level, not tipped back and run the water along the side of her beak or just a little at a time into her mouth letting her swallow on her own. If she can not swallow on her own search the threads for how to tube a chicken. It can be done cheaply and easily and will prevent the liquid from entering the lungs.

    If you think she has an impacted crop or food suck in her throat isolate her and stop feeding solid foods until you can determine what the problem is.
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