Chook pecking herself

Jane Mac

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Dec 13, 2020
I have a young chook that is pecking herself really badly. She has a huge bare patch on her back that is red raw looking. I know she is not being pecked by other chooks as she sleeps in a separate cage with only one other chook (a very gentle Frizzle who I am sure is not doing it) and they all free range during the day. Plus I have seen her do it. How can I stop her doing this? Is it worth wrapping a bandage around her over the injured area?
Hi welcome!!

My girls do this exact same thing, it's so annoying I have bought them saddles and it didn't work, I got different types of anti-plucking sprays and gels and they still peck at their own backs.

I have a post about this that a lot of people responded to it might be worth checking out.

A lot of suggestions I got was to
-increase their protein
-bigger coop
-cull and start over :(

I hope you can figure it all out!!
Hello, and welcome to BYC.

Once you determine that she is parasite free, you might want to provide her with a 'chicken saddle' so that she and/or flock mates are unable to feather peck/pluck her.
Thanks for that. Where can I get a chicken saddle? Sounds like the best idea. Pretty sure she is free of mites but will check her again

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