Choosing a cheap but good incubator


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Apr 18, 2020
Hello I need to buy an incubator. I need one for around 12 eggs but I dont have a ton to spend on one. So one that will last awhile or is a good starting one. Any advice?


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Feb 7, 2020
Under $150 lower if possible
I used the MagicFly 12 for a year, but you can only fit about 9 eggs in the turner. It is a good starting one though. However, I just upgraded to the Nurture Right 360, and it is great. I got mine from a feed store for about $130. It's totally worth it. My MagicFly needed a lot of monitoring, and it has some hot and cold spots. I also didn't like that the plastic is frosted, but on the NR it's clear. The NR can hold 22 eggs in the turner. I haven't filled it up yet, but on the couple small batches I've run in it it did great.

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