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    Are there any guidelines to look for when choosing a replacement rooster? I want one who will contribute to the egg laying genepool. I have several at 5 months and they are becoming a nuisance [​IMG] These are a random selection I got as day olds from a back yard breeder.

    Of course, temperament is important, but they are ALL nice. No self culling there. I have an early maturing possibly leghorn mix. He's fairly small but quite energetic. A beautiful large and mellow beetle black EE, a couple of RIRs, one larger and one smaller, and a gorgeous burgundy/black fellow who is a little too nervous for my liking. Or I could keep my old (5 or 6 yrs) gentle red sexlink.

    Does an early maturing dad mean daughters can also get into action earlier?
    Does the shape of the comb reflect egg laying potencity?

    Anything? It's a tough to decide which or my babies will end up in the stewpot! I would give them away on Craigslist but I dread the thought they'll end up in a fighting ring [​IMG]
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    The one that 'watches' as the hens eat, 'surveys the landscape'. He stands at attention in the middle of the flock. That is a keeper. And when there are scuffles with the other roos he may be good at 'winning' but doesnt 'take it out' on the others. He is just content with letting them know whos in charge, not with making the point painfully obviouse. I think you could probably keep your old roo and a youngster together. I wouldnt go solely with the old roo though.

    ETA:and I think one that crows ALL the time may be a little too hyper so I would go with a calmer one.
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