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Jul 30, 2016
Thanks for the warm welcome

So now we are having a bit of a conundrum choosing breeds ........

we are only allowed 6 hens in our City Bylaw ....... originally we decided on the following;

2 Buff Orpingtons , 1 White Rock , 1 Partridge Rock, 1 Black Australorp, ...... all from the same guy , all (5) are about 8 weeks old

at that point we were searching for a Laced Wyandotte either Silver or Golden from another source

This evening I found a Golden Laced Wyandotte from another source, and it is also about 8 weeks old .......... you would think everything had worked out perfectly !

but now the lady with the Golden Laced Wyandotte also informs me that she has Welsummers and Buckeyes ready to go at the same time

I had not given either much consideration simply because I have not seen them available

so now I'm toying with the idea of replacing the original Partridge Rock with one of these two ....... the Welsummer or Buckeye...... might be able to go down to just 1 Buff Orpington and get both , but the Buff Orpington are my kids' favourite

What are your thoughts of this mix of birds?

things to consider .......

I have two girls (human) ages 6&7 who plan to make these birds their pets .......... so they need to be friendly
I have neighbours very close by and I need to keep the peace, with quiet birds .........
Although I live in Canada, our winters are mild ........ might dip below freezing for 3 weeks a year, just barely though ..... very little to no snow
the run is 6' x 16' covered and dry , limited supervised 'free ranging' in our side yard (6' fenced)
coop is roomy (ish) at 4' x 6' ....... up to 6' ceiling , well ventilated

thanks for any and all input / response

Greetings from Kansas, Dax, and :welcome. Happy you joined our community. I can only speak to Buff Orps, Wyandottes, Rocks, and Australorps. My experience with them is that they are calm and can be friendly so I think they would be fine for your girls. Welsummers and Buckeyes may be also but I have never owned any. All of those breeds should be able to handle the winters you described. Can you just get a varsity pack of birds? Best of luck to you! :)
Hi and welcome to BYC! Redsoxs already gave you some great info, so I just wanted to say thanks for joining us!
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