Christmas gift quandary

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    DDs have asked if they can purchase a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift. The recipient would be a schoolmate that lives in our community and rides on the same bus. They're more acquaintances than they are friends. They feel bad that this person seems to only have one pair or worn out shoes. Somehow they know the person's shoe size. I'm a shoe freak, so as a result, my kids have a lot of shoes. I've explained to them that most people don't have as many shoes as us. Their intentions are good, but I'm worried that this person and their family, will be horribly offended. I thought of maybe a gift card, but the nearest shoe/clothes store or Walmart is 30 minutes away. I don't know if this person would have the transportation. What would you do?

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    What about talking to the childs teacher at school?
  3. We have a program in my town called Christmas Gift Drive. Students are chosen by the school or whoever runs the prgram. They are chosen according to family income, lunch time dues, etc.
    It is done mostly for low income families. They kids names are not given. Only their age, gender and needs.
    The program director and assistants then go around town with tags that have the info written on them. The towns people then buy gifts according to the tags they picked and then turn them in to the school with the tag.
    Everything is wrapped and bagged very discreetly (the assistants that wrap don't even know the student's name) and delivered at the start of Christmas break.
    Many times, these are the only gifts the students' get for Christmas.
    I've helped out on it many times and try to buy gifts every year.
    It's a good cause that maybe you could discuss with the school board.
    At least then, said student gets some shoes without the embarrassment.
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    I've never met the kid. I don't even know their name. I'd be concerned if I found out some stranger was asking about my child.

    T.C.L. - I like that idea. I think I'll have my kids talk to some of the teachers at school, maybe we'll be able to get a little more info on the circumstances. Maybe they're like DH who likes to wear the oldest, holey, run down items he owns and calls them air conditioned.
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    Since they know the girls size, they could always present the shoes as something that they were given, say from a grandma, and it's not their size. They could then explain that they would be just perfect for the girl and would she like them. It's less charity and more girls sharing clothes. Keep the receipt though in case she declines!
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    A random act of kindness from your daughters! AWESOME! Why don't they get a gift card, and slip it to their friend as a "Secret Santa"? They could actually mail it to her, and she would be delighted, I'm sure!

    I know I would be!

  7. Quote:That's a really good idea!

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    Quote:That's a really good idea!


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