Chronic soft-shelled egg laid at night (pic)

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7 Years
Dec 2, 2012
Winton, California
My sister has a few hens that i gave her and one has laid a soft-shelled egg almost every day for almost 2 weeks.

The weird thing is that they roost on the top of her small store bought coop and every morning there is a softshelled egg sitting there. so she is laying it at night, and after roosting up.

I get about one soft-shelled egg for every hundred or so. And rarely get them back to back.

What can she do? I told her we might have to cull her. Has anyone seen this and can they grow out of it?

one of the eggs even had a tail that didn't seal off. I will put a pic below.

This is odd. I would write to the magizine Backyard Poultry. They have a couple of 'eggsperts' on staff...............

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