Chukar eggs not hatching Need Advice!!!


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6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
I need some advice if anyone would could help I'd be grateful.
This Is my first time hatching Chukar. We are at day 25 Only 1 egg has a little hole stared which was last night and now nothing more. The humidity dropped over night in the incubator to 56%. I can HEAR a few chicks but their are not hatching?? Do they need help? After seeing we lost so much humidity last night I misted the eggs to try to help soften shell Not sure If I'm helping or making it worse now? Add water and watching humidity stabilize again. We are praying we didn't kill the eggs?? Any advice would be appreciated. Should I be misting them with warm water?? I see people do that with chicken eggs, not sure with chukar? Once a egg starts to hatch whets the average time for the chick to complete hatch?? Help Please!!

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