Chukar Partridge Genetics??????

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  1. Mohammadarshad

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    May 28, 2012
    Hi i am new in this forum and wanna know that if some one knows the genetic
    of Chukar please do comment on following questions.

    what should be the outcome of following pairing.

    1.Male Normal Chukar X Female Buff/Fawn vice versa.
    2.Male Normal chukar X Female Albino Chukar vice versa.
    3.Male Albino chukar X Female BUff/Fawn Chukara vice versa.

    Mohammad Arshad
  2. Henk69

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Groesbeek Netherlands
    Albino is probably autosomal recessive so crosslings will be split albino.
    Fawn may be a sexlinked recessive. In that case a fawn male will give fawn daughters.
    Else you only get split fawn males.
    If it is autosomal recessive you get split fawn animals.
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