Cinnamon Range (red gold)/Red Range/Fawn Range comparision


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Since this subject has been brought up a lot I took a picture of all three varieties to show you guys (shelley! LOL!) to compair your birds to.
ALL three of these colors come in tuxedo as all Tibetan/Range birds when crossed with A & M produce tuxedo.

From left to right--- Cinnamon Range (mismark tux) aka chocolate, dark tibetan aka black, Fawn Range aka Rosetta


Dark Range comes in varying shades from very dark to more cinnamon but true cinnamons have no black.

And here is a Dark Range and a Fawn Range in tuxedo markings!

Dark Range tuxedo:

Fawn Range tuxedo:
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i just went out there to make sure it was the picture that made her beak look black and her beak does not have one single stich of black on it the whole beak is a chocalate brown the picture was taken in the sun and it must of made its beak black im going to post a new pic also on the breast feathers it does not have one black feather at all its feathers are actually like ur true red mixed with a tux the one with the white spot on its breast feathers i will post another pic thanks
if that's the case then awesome! She looked like she had a black beak to me but if you're right that's way cool
i have no idea what golden over true red would give ya as im pretty sure the red is recessive but it'll be neat to hear about it!
Yes the color was only established several months ago. Before that the breeder who produced this color (and others) was establishing them for a while and only a few leaked out to other breeders. They are just NOW starting to show up in the common hatching eggs.

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