Citris fruits...


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Are they able to have citris fruits? Obviously with no seeds... Also, is there just certain citris fruits they can and cannot have?

Thanks in advance....
I've heard that it is bad for them, but also there is people on here who do feed it and haven't had problems. If you do a search on here you should come up with a lot of threads with discussions on it.
I do feed it to them. They never, ever touch it. Fine by me, as it gets composted in the run soil.

In fact almost all of our kitchen scraps get chucked to the chickens. They can choose what they like and bury the rest.
Citrus like most treats are find as long as you don't over do it.
That "treats chart" need to be really updated, there is a lot of incorrect and misleading information on it.

I feed them whatever and they seem to know what to eat and what not too. Turnips they let sit for a few days before they eat idea why. I have kumquat and oranges where they are and sometimes I see them eat them but not a whole lot...they usually don't bother them unless the grandkids bust them open or if the dog drops some. They love pommegranates a lot.
We were given lots and lots of oranges by a neighbor - they were delicious but we couldn't eat them all. I cut them in half and the girls loved them. I don't give them oranges every day though. I don't think I would feed them lemons or limes though.

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