class room incubator keeping temp correct


11 Years
Nov 5, 2008
My grandsons Pre- k class, teacher called me today she had put some chicken eggs in, an incubator in class yesterday, the weather outside here has gotten cold, she said the temp. in the incubater had dropped quite a bit last night. She is concerned about leaving the incubater in class over the weekend. Should she unplug the incubater, and take it home with her so she can keep the temp correct? or leave it in class and just turn the temp up a little higher, than the 99 that she has it set at now?
I would take it home. If the temp is raised in the incubator then when the classroom temp is back up to normal the incubator will be WAY to hot and she will need to adjust it again. Of course I don't like touching the temperature after it has stabilized and keep my incubator in a room with consistent temperatures.
Thanks sherrie, that is what I told her to do, but I told her to cover it while it was in transit so it will not lose to much heat. She will have to do the same on monday moving it back to the class room. I told her it might cause the hatch to be delayed, if the temp drops a little.
Thanks again.
Probably best if its not left alone, especially if its one of the manual type that have to be adjusted alot.
When I was a kid my 2nd grade class had an incubator going, it totally died over the weekend, its pretty dissapointing to the kids.
(and to top off the dissapointment the dead eggs were disected in class afterwards

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