Claw/toe injury?


Jun 20, 2018
Rock Creek, BC, Canada

Just noticed this today. Need some help, should I be worried about this? Looks like it could be a claw injury, but I’m not 100% certain. What would you guys do?
She doesn’t seem to be limping.
You might try some warm Epsom salt soaks to bring down any swelling. Did you look under her toe for a cut or thorn?

Sadly I have no back up right now, I’m not sure if I could hold her and be able to get a good look at the same time..Especially since it’s the dramatic screamer one. (Of course)
I’m going to keep an eye on it and pick up some Epsom salts today.
Well, she let me look at it with zero fuss. For the sake of proving me wrong I suppose.
I don’t see anything amiss on the bottom of the pad, it just looks like the claw itself suffered some sort of trauma as it has some bloodcoloring in the nailbed. Not sure if I can do much, there’s no open wounds to treat.

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