clean break in grown hens leg

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    Came into the barn yesterday evening. Noticed one of my hens limping really bad, and holding up her right leg alot. I couldn't catch her and didn't want to chase her thus harming her leg anymore, so I waited until dark. Then while she was sitting quietly I scooped her up into my arms for a better look at her leg. It looks like a clean break across the lower part of her right leg. Below her knee and above her foot. Don't know what happened, could have been one of the horses stepped on her, but it wasn't actively bleeding. Looks like it bled some earlier and some of the skin was scrapped off, but you can see it is broken. So I cleaned the wound, wrapped it with a clean gauze pad, then wrapped with vet wrap to make it secure and immoble. She is resting comfortably in a large cage with plenty of clean soft hay, clean water with some asprin in it and a bowl of chicken feed for her to eat. She won't have to move very much and food/water is close by. Other than that, is there anything else I can do? I plan on keeping her in the cage for about a week or so til her leg has a chance to heal somewhat. I know others have had chicken with broken legs before, suggestions?TIA

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    sorry to hear about your poor bird. byc posted this radio show for vet questions the site is
    hope you can get an answer to your question.
    sounds like you've made her comfortable until you can get an answer
    wish i could be of more help.
    good luck
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    I had two hens break their leg, don't know how either. Never had a problem until recently. Mine were rose comb light brown leghorns, not even a year old yet.
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    Sounds like you have done all you can do at this point. And a fine job too! I have set a pheasant hens leg before and it healed just fine. My situation was dealing with a break in the drum stick area. I think you better plan on keeping her up for several weeks. One week or so isn't going to be enough for a broken bone to heal. I kept the pheasant isolated in the pen to herself for six/seven weeks before allowing her to be in the flight pen again. If you rebandage at some point you might should consider placing a straight stick near the leg. Perhaps an ice cream stick or just something flat that is just a little wider than her leg. This would give support for the leg to be kept staight during her healing time. Best regards for a speedy recovery to your little lady! [​IMG]
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    Yeah, bones take about 6 weeks to mend. In about 3 weeks you could put her in a small (4' X 4') outdoor pen. I've got a couple I made from 2" X1" wood scraps wrapped with chicken wire. About 3' tall and covered with chicken wire and plywood. This way she can get some sunshine (the Vit D is important for bones) and the other chickens can see her so they don't forget she's part of the flock. I'll toss scratch inside and outside the pen so all the chickens eat together. Also, I'd offer more calcium-rich foods for her healing bone. Good luck.

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