clean coops/free rangeing/dust bathing pic heavy


8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Central, LA
I took advantage of a morning off. I started out by disinfecting the three waterers that i have in bleach water in the bath tub. After that, it was time for cleaning out the hen house, and putting new shavings in.

you can see I also hung up a fan, its already in the 90's here in Louisiana!

I also added a roof over my nest boxes

I cleaned the run up, raked out all the old feathers and everything

I didnt make this today, but ive been watering the grass everyday, I dont know if any of you saw the "salad bar" thread that was on here, but its pretty much a raised flower bed, with grass planted in it, and hardware cloth over it, so the chickens can only eat the grass that grows up threw it. This is the one that I built, the grass has been planted since Sunday

I had the roosters out while I was working around, but by time I stated taking pictures they were put up, and I had let the girls out. Here are a few of them hanging out and dust bathing



11 Years
May 28, 2008
Upstate NY
Looks like you had a very productive day!! I love walking into my coop, when the shavings are fresh! Looks like the girls were enjoying their day, too!

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