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    I got hatching eggs from a friend. She originally purchased the chicks (they up and eggs were received from them for hatching) from the local co-op that the co-op got from a hatchery in the states, they called these chicks Aracaunas. All the eggs that I received were blue.

    After reading many topics that Aracaunas (pure bred) can only be purchased from a breeder, and hatcheries sell them as Araucanas, I partly understood that these chicks would be called Ameracaunas. I was hoping that my understanding was correct.

    The end question here is: many of the chicks that I have hatched and raised have full beards and muffs, some are clean faced, with that wide array of colours that are known to these breeds. Why the clean face? Can I still call this an Ameracauna, or am I totally wrong and should be calling these just Easter eggers. I really need to know, because I must not give a breed name to a bird to sell to people that is incorrect.

    I have been trying to do the research myself, but am coming up with blanks.
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    You have Easter eggers,but they are nice leyers and pritty birds
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    Your birds are EasterEggers.

    And the array of colors are probably not real APA accepted colors. They are probably "wild-type" colored.

    NO hatchery sells REAL araucanas or ameraucanas, that I am aware of.....
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    Aracaunas .ameraucana's and ee's are all different birds.

    Araucana's are rumpless and hard to find, not gonna happen at a hatchery. They lay bright blue eggs

    Hatcheries call their birds ameracauna/araucana because they are a mixed breed called Easter eggers. Usually mixed with at least of of those birds and something else. they will give you blue, green, pink and light brown eggs.

    Ameraucana's are not pure unless from a breeder. They have the tuffs/beards lay bright blue eggs only

    You have EE's, some having the traits of ameraucana's hence the tuffs/beards. Some will be clean faced since they take the trait of the bird it was mixed with.

    This is worth reading~
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    It may also help to read this, from the Ameraucana Breeders' Club:

    also, you can look here for a very positive way of looking at the whole thing, since it seems this is an emotional sore spot for some breeders/fanciers:

    personally enjoy my EEs coloring WAY beyond what the boring standards allow for Ameraucanas, and I love the manes they get that are similar to other South and Central American breeds. I think these EE birds are fabulous!

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