Cleaning a Disable Senior's house...Not allowed to use Chemicals-HELP!

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  1. My sister-in-law is setting me up with my own house keeping buisness. I basically clean houses, do laundry, even tend to their animals (when needed) for those that are disable or elders that can't do it themselves. She called me just a few minutes ago to let me know where to go for my first client (she is a "sitter" for elders) and instructions of what needs to be done. All is good except, I can't use any house hold chemicals while cleaning the client's bathroom and kitchen. She said that the client cannot be around house hold chemicals so I have to find another way around.

    Anyone know another way for me to get this job done without the need of using Bleach, Pine Sol, or any other type of chemicals? She provides her own laundry soap but everything else, I need to bring my own.
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    Vinegar for polishable surfaces, baking soda paste for scrubbing.
  3. rainplace

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    Call the person and ask what products they prefer?
  4. rainplace

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    Quote:Vinegar/water is great for hardwood floors and windows too!
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    What about vinegar and water?
    LOL..never mind , we all said the same thing.. [​IMG]
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    Don't forget Bon Ami cleanser. It's great for polishing metals (like faucets) and toilets, sinks, tubs.
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    I've heard that vinegar kills ninety-nine percent of germs. Baking soda is good too, as is borax. The upside of these things is that they're all inexpensive, a plus in these times.

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    I've heard good things about vinegar and water, as well as cheap vodka.
  9. Quote:That'll probably be a good plus side for me since I am responsible for cleaning products.

    rainplace: Call the person and ask what products they prefer?

    Now Im wishing my SIL did NOT call me at nearly 10pm to tell me all this. I would be more prepared if I have MORE TIME! but nope, I gotta make a stop at the dollar store before going to the lady's house.​
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    I use Charlie Soap for my laundry detergent and they say you can mix it to clean with too. It is 100% biodegradable and natural, so that should work for you! Here's a link to their site for reference, but you can look for a merchant in your area who carries it through the site to help save you $ on shipping. It's most generally less expensive at the merchants than on the site too.

    You could also try Shaklee cleaning products. I used to use them all of the time and they are wonderful! [​IMG]

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