Cleaning Computer

when the keys gunk up so much they stick.
which makes it entirely possible for my computer to have bugs.
Whenever it gets gross enough for one of the guys at work to whip out an orange hand wipe and clean it for me.

I solved this problem at home by getting a black keyboard. No cleaning necessary!
Don't forget a rubbing alcohol dampened q-tip between the rows of keys (after you've taken it outside and shaken it upside down).

Wiping the surface doesn't get nearly all the filth out.
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I blow it out with a can of compressed air every month or so, and wipe it down regularly. But I have cats, so cat hair is an issue here!
When I'm kinda bored, but sitting at the PC, I'll take an envelope or advertising cardstock, and skootch it between the rows of keys to push the cat hair all the way to the end of the lowered section, and gently lift it out. Only after going horizontally and then vertically in ALL the rows (vertically only works for the numbers keypad) will I then turn the keyboard over and thunk it around to get the bits of crud out.

Then I use a can of compressed air to blow more gunk out. If I've not found something else to do by then, I'll get a cleaning wipe and futz with the keys and flat spaces to get the schmutz off everything.

I think this whole process occurs about every month or so. In between times, I'll whack the keyboard upside down to move that stubborn whatever-it-is that prevents just one stupid key - usually the m, or sometimes the c - from performing its role in written communications.

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