Cleaning eggs for hatching: Bleach or Viratec-P?

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6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
Norfolk, England
I have a pet/poultry steriliser 'Viratec-P' (apparently DEFRA approved, seemingly tailored for equipment rather than animals but sounds animal safe) and basic household bleach. Which should I use to wash eggs for hatching?

I know some people use diluted bleach solution - if so, how diluted? (I also have bars of soap and fairy liquid of course)

I just read one report of washing eggs in water 'hot enough to bare' - sounds a bit hot to me!!

This is my first time hatching. Going to be incubating, and as it seems one of my Silkies is now broody (surprise surprise), sitting too!

I've read that - also makes sense. Thanks for your replies. Opted for Virtec-P in the end at 0.5% (lukewarm, gently removing dirt). Will keep posted on fertility and hatch rate (if any!).

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