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    Jul 19, 2009
    How in the world do you get nest boxes totally clean?! I know many of you have the fold out doors on external nest boxes & many of you use portable nest boxes like cat litter pans, rubbermaid containers, etc. Those seem to solve the problem of cleaning out nest boxes.

    But, I have wooden external nest boxes with the roof of it being the lid to open it. I know straw or something may be easier since it kinda all stays together at least somewhat, but what about pine shavings? When I clean out the nest boxes, I can never totally get every last little bit out! I even use a wide putty knife pushing the shavings to one side & kinda sliding it up the nest box wall & getting it out or flicking it into the coop bedding, but there's always some stray shavings, broken down shavings, & dust from shavings that just will NOT all come out! I just get it out the best I can & put in new shavings.

    My hubby is building a new coop & now I wish I had thought to tell him to either put the hinged doors on the outside of the nest box or either hinged the bottom where it would fold down to empty them & brush them off. He's worked so hard on the coop, I just can't get him to make changes now. [​IMG]

    So, what can I do? I know vinyl flooring in them would be an option & maybe get it up with a little whisk broom instead of it staying in all the little nooks & crannies of the texture of the wood. Or, what about maybe lining the bottom with a piece of cardboard? But, I know some of the shavings will still go up under the cardboard.

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    You could always use a shop-vac but I really wouldn't worry about a few stray shavings. JMHO
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    May 16, 2011
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    Why would you need to get it completely empty? I've had ours for about six months and have only ever topped up the straw from time to time as they tend to chuck a lot out while they're shuffling around in there getting comfy. I did remove it all once when I treated for lice, but only what I could grab easily - the little bits left just got covered with the lice dusting powder.
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    We use tubs that are removable. So we can take them completely out to dump and clean. Surprisingly enough, the nests look exactly like the first day (a little less shavings sometimes).
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    Sep 30, 2011
    I painted the inside of mine. Broke and egg in there once, shop vac wouldn't work cause I use straw, I just kinda mucked it out, then wiped it down. I can get to the back of mine pretty easy though. You might be able to fashion up a little tray that sits inside of it out of roll tin or aluminum. Rolls of roof flashing come in widths of 18". Aluminum folds and rivets really easy. As long as you folded the top edge down and crimped it with pliers, it would not be sharp either. when you want to clean it just pullout the tray and most of the bedding should come with it.
  6. Bluedwarf

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    Nov 18, 2011
    I built mine with a removable floor for exactly that reason. It pushes up from underneath and can lift out. You have to be careful that it isnt too easy to do that though as Mr Fox can work that one out too, so I have been told.
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    Quote:You could add some kind of secure closure like a hasp to it. And a carabiner.

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