clear, watery diarrhea...


7 Years
Mar 21, 2012
I am new to the chick business, I have 5 8 week old pullets. All have been fine until today, my new hamp. seemed 'quiet' when I got home from work, then had clear watery diarrhea...on my lap :/
I am worried about her, she seemed fine yesterday, and the others still seem fine, she is staying to herself, walking around slowly, sleeping on my lap. they are free range during the day and I gave them corn on the cob yesterday.
thanks for any advice.
It could be what you're feeding them and it may be effecting your New Hampshire pullet. They should be fed starter/grower feed. If it's medicated feed, switch to non-medicated starter/grower feed. Hold off on the treats, corn on the cob.

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