Clearing out my late hatches


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Apr 19, 2008
Franklin, IN
I am clearing out my late hatches. My loss is your gain! Unfortunately, I have been too busy to set up a booth to sell, so I am going to take them to auction this Tues. But before I sell these little peeps x-tra cheap at auction, I thought I would give my friends here on BYC a chance to get a deal:
I have left:
- 2 of my standard Cohen Trio’s
• These guys were hatched August 10th & 11th and a little younger then I like to sell, but….
• All 6 are a deep or good blue color (my ro is black, so some of these may finish out black, but I believe they are all going to be blue)
• I would like $50 for each Trio, but I figure I will get 30 - $40 at the auction *make me an offer*
- 10 total (Black, Blue, and Splash) Polish
• These little guys hatch Aug 18th & 19th
• They are really too early to sex…I can try, but at this age you are really not doing much better than guessing
• At this age, I would like to get $15 per bird, but I will probably only get $10 per chick at auction *make me an offer*
- 4 Serama hens:
• These little ladies were hatched early and or late May
• All 4 are a light brown / 3 of the 4 should finish out as ‘B’ birds and one of the gals is looking a little bigger then her sisters and most likely will finish out a ‘C’
• These are good birds, decent type, and would be a good addition to an existing breeding flock
• I would like $20 per bird;
- I am getting out of the Silkie business:
• I have 3 blue Silkie chicks left (my last blue hatch as I have already sold my parent stock)
• These cuties were hatched sometime mid Aug. These eggs were under a broody so I am not sure the exact hatch date
• I would like $15 per chick, *make me an offer*
(I also have 8 or so eggs out of my black Silkie pen in the incubator to hatch this week. These birds have produced some really nice and show winning birds. So, I should have a few more silkie later this week, if interested)
- I also have 2 PQ Silkie ro’s. These guys are black and white & white and black splash. These guys were flee market / rescue birds, but I have had them for a year and a half; and these guys are free to a good home.

Sorry no pics, like I said I have been so busy I just don’t have the time to sell any birds right now.

Also, I do not want to ship! (too busy), I live S of Indianapolis near Trafalgar but I travel frequently to S. & W. IN, W. N. & E. KY, and to Columbus, Dayton, & Cincinnati OH. So if you want any of these I am sure we can figure out a way to get them to you. Dont bid, just E-mail me before Tues if you are interested.

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