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Jan 25, 2008
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I have maybe a stupid question....well OK it is a stupid question I have heard from some people I know that if you put a capfull of liquid clorox in 5 gallons of water and use it in the bator while its running that it will help increase your hatch Has anybody else heard of or used this crazy idea ? And if so what does it do I have also heard of using the same solution for dipping shipped eggs in before incubating Any ideas on this ?
I on the other hand have an exact opposite question!
I only use distilled water for humidity control because I was concerned that the Chlorine in the evaporating water may harm the embryo's.
It would be nice to get fellow incubators feed back on both these concerns.
I have used Clorox in the incubator water. I used 1 Table spoon full to a gallon of water. It had no affect on the developing embryo. I used it because I believed there was contamination on the eggs. It seem to improve the hatch rate. The only thing is that Clorox eats up metal, especially the galvanized parts & over time those parts rust.

I also use Distilled Water in my incubators & have for as long as I can remember. The reason is because of the evaporation process that takes place in incubators leaves behind the calcium build up from Tap or Well water. In some places in the U.S. those deposits are so bad that it can ruin an incubator in a short time. With the Distilled water the incubator stays as clean as it was when it's new, as long as you clean it once in awhile.

If you want to disinfect your eggs before hatching I'd suggest you use Hydrogen Peroxide
Looks like you answered my stupid question with a good answer I guess I will try it on my next batch of eggs Not to worried about the metal parts being eaten I have a Brinsea which is pretty much all plastic I have to agree with you on the calcium and other stuff building up in the bators I have well water and sometimes it gets really bad So the clorox could prove to be a lifesaver Thanx for the help Bill and it appears as tho you helped Goblynfvr also
In my GQF cabinet incubators,I add seven drops of oxine disinfectant to the humidity trays to kill bacteria and keep the trays slime free.I also use the oxine between hatches to clean out the hatching trays and incubators.....

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