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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by fosterchick, Jul 19, 2010.

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    I came home today, to find pieces of wood all over my yard. So I go over to the chicken area (where most of the wood was) to look around. At first I couldn't find it. then when I walked a little to the left I found the tree that got struck my lightening. It had hit the tree high up and then traveled down the tree. The dirt around the tree was blown away. Then you can see where the lightening came back up in the yard. I have a big black spot that burned the yard. All of this was within 3 feet of the chicken run. My husband says that I wont have to fry anymore eggs that they will be laid fried. This is the 5th time in 12 years that lightening has struck on the street I live on.
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    Quote:Woa, scary stuff! 5th time in 12 years?! Time to think about re-locating? It's nice up here in northern CT and we don't get quite that much lightening! [​IMG]
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    Funny you said it was time to move. I told the kids 5 times in 12 years is too much for me. This is the first one on my land, but the house on each side of me has been hit twice each on there land and once it hit one of the homes. Kids were begging to stay, they don't want to move. If only the knew that we can't afford to move at this time.
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    maybe it's time to think about a lightening rod like they put on the houses and barns around here.
    we don't have any as we are in the valley, but those on the hill have them.

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