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14 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Central Pennsyltucky
The boyfriend's house has two chestnut trees. They've started falling like crazy already, and I'm trying to keep them cleaned up. The shells we can take up to camp for the deer, but I'd rather see if anyone else wanted some chestnuts instead of just tossing them into the woods. They're all different sizes, I'm not going to sort through them, but I won't send any of the "middle" nuts that are flat and ugly. The dog eats those ones!
I'll ship for actual price (plus delivery confirmation). I should be able to fit up to 10lbs into a flat rate box (w/DC should be around $12). Or I can ship smaller amounts for cheaper. PM or post here with your zipcode and amount of nuts for a shipping quote. I can do 1/2 pound increments as well.

Chestnuts are $2.50 per pound.
May be willing to trade, depending on what you have available.
I can accept either paypal or money orders. Thanks in advance guys!
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